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    Clear Medical Imaging is the second largest independent healthcare provider that is located in Windsor and Essex County, Chatham Kent, Ontario, Canada. We are dedicated to offering our patients the highest quality care by utilizing cutting-edge medical imaging technology and alternative pain management techniques. Our team of experienced professionals perform over 400,000 exams annually throughout our 1.4 million-person catchment area with the assistance of AI-based software for faster, more accurate diagnoses; we also have a referral base of 1500 physicians.
    We are constantly looking for opportunities to stay ahead of the curve in terms of emerging trends and technologies; for example, we were the first company in Canada to partner with Artificial Intelligence software providers. Additionally, Clear Medical Imaging is committed to giving back to the local community; some of our initiatives include partnerships with hospitals, health sciences programs at nearby colleges, research projects and more educational opportunities.
    At Clear Medical Imaging we strive for excellence in patient care through advanced technologies combined with a personalized approach. We believe in creating an all-encompassing experience that goes beyond just providing medical services; every individual that walks through our doors can rest assured knowing they will receive superior service from compassionate staff members who take pride in delivering top-notch healthcare solutions to their community.


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